Where’d the Trolls Go?

August 8, 2006

Not that I’ve had a lot of them, and not that I would want to have more, but I have to wonder where the trolls who have hit this blog from time-to-time have gone? I don’t moderate posts here, and I only delete spam, so where are all the pro-war, pro-Shrub, What?-Me-Worry? trolls who were doing the cyberspace equivalent of ringing my doorbell and running just six months ago?

I took a short tour this morning of some of their blogs and was shocked – SHOCKED – to find that there’s hardly a peep coming out from them about The War on Terror (TM) these days. Or about the Smirking Chimp, the economy, the Israeli-Hizballah conflict, etc. Even Kender’s Musings, whose masthead seems to imply all-War on Terror TM coverage all-the-time, hasn’t touched on anything more threatening to America than the ACLU since June!

(Normally I don’t plug a right-wing site, but as someone once pointed out, the wingnuts have been good to me on occassion.)

Could it be that all is not well in right-wing fantasy land?

Nah. And anyone who thinks so probably just Hates Freedom (TM).

Why Do So Many Generals Hate Freedom (TM)?

August 8, 2006

I wouldn’t have thought it necessary to blog about the unprecedented act of retired military brass taking a political stance and advocating the ouster of a sitting Defense Secretary, but when Lindsay Lohan being calling “firecrotch” gets more press than the former, I can’t help but jump in. Here’s the tally so far according to ThinkProgress.org:

And let’s not forget that a number of West Point Alumni Hate Freedom (TM), too!