Your Tax Dollars at Work

I just wanted to share that one of my guests here at True Blue Blog, in addition to the usual unsupported arguments, pot-calling-the-kettle-black accusations, and generally boorish behavior that’s the hallmark of most online neocons is also an employee at the Pentagon who apparently has nothing better to do with his time than surf the Web and troll progressive blogs.


Thank God my friends and family who are deployed in Iraq right now have someone so dedicated to their mission to rely on.  And thank you, Roci, for serving your country and supporting your brothers and sisters in-arms so well on my dime.

3 Responses to Your Tax Dollars at Work

  1. Roci says:

    And thank you, Roci, for serving your country and supporting your brothers and sisters in-arms so well on my dime.

    You’re welcome. It’s why I’m here.

    But of course, I wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t sent me an e-mail inviting me.

    As for it being your “Dime”, consider it compensation for the “dimes” I have had stolen to pay for Katrina cleanup, Social security, Medicare, ALCU payments, United Nations funding, AIDES research, and global warming research/advocacy. You’ll find I still have another 5 cents worth coming.

  2. trueblueblog says:

    No, thank you for showing your true colors.

    As you feed at the public trough and puff out your chest pretending to be a “real American,” you bitch about tax dollars your own party spent (squandered?) on cleaning-up after Katrina and programs that benefit not only your fellow citizens but yourself as well.

    Here’s a newsflash, Roci – Medicare is an insurance policy we all pay into. Since you don’t appreciate it, I can only hope that it is made unavailable to you when you need it. Ditto for Social Security.

    Oops. I forgot. As a civil servant you’re entitled to gold-standard healthcare upon retirement (assuming you can hack it that long, since you hate the government so much). By the way, you do have the right to forfeit your Social Security reimbursement checks. Get back with me in ten years or so and let me know which charity you’ve donated them to, won’t you?

    Lots of people who have never had sex at all, much less with someone of their own gender, have gotten AIDS. As an a alleged serviceman, I would think that you’d want an insurance policy just in case you’re ever given a transfusion with tainted blood. Or maybe you might – just might – worry about what could happen to one of your children assuming that A) you’re fortunate enough to have them, and B) they’re stupid enough to believe the Republican line that condoms “don’t work.”

    I won’t even bother to address your ignorance alledging that global warming isn’t real and doesn’t impact our daily lives. That you’d even raise this point just makes me marvel that you were able to crawl out from under your rock long enough to post something so assanine in the first place.

    As for the five cents you feel entitled to – that’s about all I think a public servant who spends his time trolling the blogosphere is worth per hour, and even then only when he’s working in his semi-official capacity as a tool of the administration.

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