Rumsfeld Resigns in Disgrace; Trolls Nowhere to be Found

November 8, 2006

How the mouthy have fallen.

Rumsfeld resigns in disgrace just weeks after the smirking chimp assured America he was going to be running the Pentagon through 2008. Hastert steps down as minority leader just weeks after passing the buck on the Foley scandal.  Meanwhile, True Blue Blog’s resident trolls are nowhere to be found – even on their own blogs (this means you, Rociante).

I’d say “I told you so,” but why bother when the electorate already has?

Right-Wing Reality Check

November 8, 2006

Last night I watched the election coverage on CNN until around 11:00 PM.  I got a real kick out of watching the two right-wing commentators try to spin the election results, first by down-playing them as too few, too early to indicate a trend and then as “not the tsunami “the media” kept promising.”  Whatever their take on the outright takeover of the House and apparent takeover of the Senate was I’m not sure as I went to bed just before either of those things were reported, but I am really hoping to catch it on a recap today or maybe YouTube later in the week.

Personally, this election restored my hope in a lot of things about this country.  I’d have preferred the American electorate had come to its senses in 2004 or, better yet, hadn’t drank the Kool-Aid in 2000, but what’s done is done.  The task at-hand is to undo as much of the harm our dry-drunk-in-chief and his Congressional rubber-stamp have done the past six years:

  • Damaging the infrastructure and morale of our troops.
  • Shafting our veterans.
  • Accumulating $3 TRILLION dollars worth of new debt.
  • Running an annual $300 BILLION dollar deficit (with $400B MORE “off-the-books”).
  • Erroding our civil liberties.
  • Ruining our standing in the world.
  • Allowing North Korea and Iran to achieve or come closer to achieving their nuclear amibitions.
  • Allowing Afghanistan to become a failed narco-state.
  • Allowing Iraq to descend into chaos.
  • Allowing New Orleans to be destroyed.
  • Being a huge part of the problem – rather than the solution – to global warming, overfishing, and the spread of AIDS and HIV in the Third World.
  • Ad nauseum.

Better late than never; here’s hoping it doesn’t turn out to be too little, too late.